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Donations from non-UK residents


This page is for donations from non-UK residents or other users who wish to donate with a credit card or debit card that is registered outside of the United Kingdom.

This page uses paypal to process payments. You do not need to be a member of paypal to make credit/debit card payments.

Do you want to try a journey like this? See http://www.mongoliarally.com/ for full details of how.

How to help us raise funds

"Buy a gallon"

Please Buy a gallon of fuel on our website for £5 and you will receive:

  • acknowledgement on our website
  • a personal account of the distance your fuel has taken us. You can even choose which part of the journey you would like us to report on!
  • we will provide you with digital photos of the journey

If we have to abandon the journey before we use your petrol we will donate the money to one of the charities.

Click here to buy gallon(s) of petrol



The journey is expensive and there are many items of equipment that we still need to obtain. In return for giving/lending us equipment, we will:


Sponsoring our car and website

We have a number of packages available to companies or organisations that wish to sponsor our car and website. Please contact us for the latest rates and availability.



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