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10,000 miles · how to help us

There are many ways you can help us to complete this journey and raise lots of money for the charities. Any donation or help you can give us, big or small, will be gratefully received.

How to help us raise funds

You can make a donation through Justgiving, send a Charity Cheque to our postal address made payable to the Charity or you can donate to our costs below:

"Buy a gallon"

Please Buy a gallon of fuel on our website for £5 and you will receive:

If we have to abandon the journey before we use your petrol we will donate the money to one of the charities.

Number of Gallons @ £5 each covering the area:  


Donating Equipment

The journey is expensive and there are many items of equipment that we still need to obtain. In return for giving/lending us equipment, we will:


I would like to donate to the equipment fund £  


Sponsoring our car and website

We have a number of packages available to companies or organisations that wish to sponsor our car and website. Please contact us for the latest rates and availability.



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